March 3rd Friday = JB Snyder

Third Friday March, 21st . JB’s first solo art show since The Quincy show “Fragments of Happiness” in 2010. This show will feature an entire gallery installation done by JB Snyder and Zachary Dean Glover and Jeff Hoopes. Located at The Hive , in central Phoenix. 20+ pieces will be available for purchase and viewing for the first time this night. Tunes provided by Mike Causeand Just Chris. Hosted by The Quincy Ross.

7-10pm.  This is a free event.



Friday, January 17

7:00 pm-10:00pm

Opening Reception

Hive 30 Invite Base-2-2


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Ink Culture

Hive 28 Invite Base 2

Three accomplished  tattoo artists check one off their bucket list by having a gallery show!……..and DAMN!  Can these guys draw or what?

Opening reception Third Friday, November 15.  7-10pm

DJ SAE Mo will be on hand to entertain us musically.